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Discovering the sandy stoned rocks of the "Vosges du Nord"

rocher In Philippsbourg, the greenness masks numerous giant sandy stoned rocks with extraordinary forms.

These cliffs or stone table often present a difficult access and they abound in various resources as rare faun, exceptional flora, incredible such sightseeings...

The Philippsbourg's Touristic Office can make you discover these imposing areas thanks to enclosed pedestrian trekking in the wood. These trekkings can be organized wether on a simple request or following the events' planning.

Programm : according to some ten kilometers' circuits, we suggest you to discover rocks really rare in their kind and forms.

You will, also, approach topics connected with environments as well as the the prestigious peregrine falcon's presence or the traces of a human life during the paleolithic era (polishers, graffitis...) or during the military occupation.

Informations and reservations : all year long at the Philippsbourg's Touristic Office.

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