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Hanau pond's camping


The Hanau's pond,

in the middle of the Natural Regional Reserve of the North "Vosges" is a really appreciated touristic zone. Persons visit it for relaxing as well as for surrounding natural treasuries.

The pond is located on an 18 hectares area, fenced in a greenwood and dominated by the marvellous ruins of a medioeval castle reflecting in the calm water. Closely, visitors can find an hotel-restaurant, a restaurant, a camping, a touristic and information point, boats and pedalos, barouche trip, a botanic lane or peatery, 2 tennis courts and several protected lanes in the wood for trekking and bicycle riding.

On the pound's surroundings, a 7 hectares and two stars camping has been fitted out, it seems to represent a kind of "ideal place" for nature lovers.




campingCamping de l’Etang de Hanau

3 rue de l’étang


Phone nr : +33 3 87 06 51 55

out of season saison :+33 3 87 06 55 30

 saison 2022

Opening period from 01 th april  of to 30 th of september 2024,

 Wood fires and charcoal are prohinited

 Only gas cooking is allowed

Capacity 385 places including 200 places for seasonals



  • 300 electric installations
  • 4 sanitary installations with warm water
  • 1 sabitary installation for the beach
  • 1 baby & child sabitary
  • 12 water points
  • 1 camping car terminal
  • 1 grocery - bakery
  • 1 snack-bar


  • 1 aire de jeux 1- 6 ans
  • 1 aire de jeux 7-12 ans
  • 1 plateau multisports
  • 1 aire de pétanque
  • 1 aire de pique-nique
  • 1 aire de beach volley
  • 1 salle d’animation

swimming under supervision un july and august


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